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VENCO VENTURO Featured Product VENCO VENTURO INDUSTRIES LLC VC1000 VAN CRANE The VC1000 Van Crane for the Ford Transit is Venco Venturo Industries LLC’s all-new addition to its generations-long line of specialized, high-caliber cranes and hoists. This crane is revolutionary in the industry for its maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs and 6-ft reach for the work van market. The crane utilizes a unique dual floor-and ceiling-mounted telescopic mast that integrates with the van structure itself to ensure maximum structural integrity. The telescopic mast allows it to fit within the Ford Transit Mid-and High-Roof models. The crane’s unique rotation control feature—for the primary and secondary booms—utilizes a hand lever that operates multi-positional locks, adding an additional safeguard for the operators as the load is being loaded and unloaded. The Venturo VC1000 allows safe and FIND OUT MORE, VISIT productive material handling without the need for a WWW.VENTURO.COM/PRODUCT/VENTURO-VAN-CRANE. forklift or a heavy, expensive liftgate. PRODUCT SHO WCASE EZ STAK MAXIMIZER-3 PICKUP DRAWER UNIT Pickups are very popular with contractors, municipalities, and government agencies. That being said, EZ STAK has focused on providing a mobile workspace storage solution that is both lightweight and durable. Manufactured with heavy-gauge aluminum, heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slides, and a cargo rail mounted to anti-slip top surface. Each drawer has EZ STAK’s EZ LATCH one-handed drawer opening system. Single and dual drawer units are also available. TOUGHTESTED SOLAR POWER BATTERY PACK, 10,000 mAh Ultimate, on-the-go power with 10,000-milliamp capacity that can provide up to six or more full charges for the average smartphone. Dual USB ports allow for the charging of two devices at once and InstaSense™ technology makes sure each device gets the power that it needs. Carabineer clip and lightweight, compact form makes this battery pack easy to clip to your backpack or belt. The efficient 200-mAh solar panel means that you’ll always have access to emergency charging power. Powers tablets, GPS, smartphones, portable game systems, action cameras, dash cams, and most USB devices. Includes Micro USB charging cable and car charger. 64 MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS WWW.MWSMAG.COM JUNE 2016


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