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™ March 2012 REGIONAL DIGITAL EDITION FEATURES FEATURES 75 Judge, Jury & Executioner 78 Mindful Meals With food on the brain this month, Style digs into the Meatless Monday movement that’s making waves in con-scious eating circles. Try it out with our recipes from local professional chefs! A local food critic recently made his case against an area res-taurant that had some people questioning his authority and creden-tials. We’ll let you be the judge. DEPARTMENTS Robyn Raphael 20 Glory Albin 22 Shirley Rice Perrin Sisters Art 44 Bernard Treanton 46 Andy Byrne 60 Our Kids A Touch of Understanding 64 Mercy Hospital Community Tile Project 66 InsideOut Whooping Couch Woes 4 -March 2012 Cover photo by Dante Fontana. 18 Get To Know 42 The Arts 62 Cause & Effect

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