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April 5-18, 2012 | issue 440 contents Our Lavender 16 Local Music: Ellis 18 Bar Showcase 20 Slice: Lush 24 Arts: Spotlight 28 On the Record 36 FOC Map 10 20 Our LIveS 10 Leather Life: Clark Bufkin Our affaIrS Our HOMeS 37 Big Gay News 40 Against the Amendment 42 Spring Remodeling 50 Remodeling Baker Knapp & Tubbs 53 Featured Product 54 Gardening 56 Ride Review 40 Online 48 Our reSOurCeS 32 FOC Profiles 63 The Network 66 Community Connection 69 Classifieds Our vOICeS 62 Skirting the Issues 65 Dateland 68 Wanda Wisdom 70 Ms. Behavior™ 70 Trolín 72 Through These Eyes COrreCtiOn The contributor name for the article "In a Heartbeat: The Legality of Marriage" was omitted from Issue 439. Our apologies to the writer, Emma Nelson. Online Magazine prizes Available on Our Online Magazine, read it at your computer. prizes, register to win. exclusive content only online, not in print. On the COver A Summer House in Minneapolis. Photo by Susan Gilmore 4 Lavender april 5-18, 2012 Photo courtesy of Baker Knapp & Tubbs Photo by Mike Hnida Our SCene Photo provided by Castle Building and Remodeling Inc. Photo courtesy of Steve Johnson 8 From the Editor 11 Lens: SOS & Blowtorch at Lush 12 A Word in Edgewise 13 Lens: First Thursday at Home & Garden 14 Lens: Mob Party at Hell's Kitchen 35 Lens: Coffeehouse Reunion

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