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Elizabethtown/Radcliff/Ft. Knox Library celebrated its opening A large group of community members, WKU staff and librarians, and regional partners celebrated the opening of the Elizabethtown/Radcliff/Ft.Knox Regional Center Library at WKU’s extended campus in Elizabethtown on Monday, March 19. Dr. Ronald Stephens, director for the WKU Regional Center, gave opening remarks followed by Library Public Services Department Head Brian Coutts, Interim Dean Connie Foster, and the Regional Center Librarian Laura DeLancey. Western Kentucky University partners with the Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Ft. Knox area to offer more than a dozen four year degrees from the extended location. According to Regional Center Librarian Laura DeLancey, the library and its offerings are already off to a good start. Several of the students she has taught in class are calling and sending online messages with questions to aid in their research. For service hours and more information, go to library, click on “Locations” on the top bar, and go to the E-town/Radcliff/Ft. Knox page. Dr. Ronald Stephens, director of WKU Regional Center, gives remarks to faculty, staff, and students during the opening dedication for the new Elizabethtown/Radcliff/ Ft. Knox Regional Center Library. Lecture series completes the year Far Away Places and Kentucky Live! ended their speaker series for the year in April. Highlights of the semester included a visit from Former Senator Georgia Powers who attended Sociology Associate Professor Anne Onyekwuluje’s program featuring her book about Powers, and a discussion on Big Game Parks of South Africa with WKU Geography Professor Michael Trapasso. Dr. Trapasso shared his experiences from South Africa where he ventured into several parks with exotic and dangerous animals. Professor Ricardo Marin Ruiz from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, talked about “Ernest Hemingway and Spain: Or How a Land Can Attract a Man.” Other presenters in the series were Public Relations Manager Amy Preske from The Buffalo Trace Distillery, well-known travel writer Gary P. West, and English Professor Jid Lee of Middle Tennessee State University. For more information on the series, visit and click on “Events” on the top bar of the page. WKU class installs new works of art in Helm-Cravens An Art Installation class led by WKU Associate Art Professor Kristina Arnold worked with WKU Libraries this past semester to create unique displays in the Helm-Cravens Library. Using discarded and withdrawn books, the art students designed and produced two displays. The first installed is above a line of computer stations on Cravens 4th floor exhibiting books falling and flying across the long wall and the second, a set of “tapestries” using book pages and beeswax to produce a translucent effect, hangs in the Reference Area in Helm.

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