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the 2011 5th annual readers' ChoiCe aWards Favorite Bar 1. Poor Red’s BBQ 2. Sierra Nevada House 3. PJ’s Roadhouse Favorite Sports Bar 1. Slingshots 2. Bricks Eats & Drinks 3. PJ’s Roadhouse Favorite Cocktails Place 1. Cascada 2. Bricks Eats & Drinks 3. Sequoia Favorite Wine Bar 1. The Wine Smith 2. Annabelle’s Chocolate Lounge 3. Heyday Café Favorite Bartender 1. Chris Della Panna at Heyday Café 2. Mike Barry at Sequoia 3. Jenny Nicolls at Heyday Café Favorite Local Winery 1. Boeger Winery 2. Madroña Vineyards 3. David Girard Vineyards Favorite Casino 1. Red Hawk 2. Harrah’s Lake Tahoe 3. Thunder Valley F 1. Casa Ramos Favorite Happy Hour 2. Bricks eats & drinks 3. durango’s Favorite Pilates Studio 1. Powerhouse Gym 2. El Dorado Hills Sports Club 3. Pilates Power Favorite Martial Arts Studio 1. Foothill Taekwondo 2. Orr’s Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Center 3. New Man’s Karate Favorite Martial Arts Instructor 1. Bob Westphal at Foothill Taekwondo 2. Shawn Orr at Orr’s Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Center 3. Scott Newman at New Man’s Karate Favorite Physical Therapist 1. Jill McDougall at Marshall Medical Center 2. Heather Hatch at El Dorado Physical Therapy 3. John Wu at Marshall Physical Therapy Favorite Chriopractor 1. June Scofield, D.C. 2. Matt Shepherd, D.C. 3. Lorin Farr, D.C. Favorite General Practioner 1. Jonathan Lehrman, M.D. 2. Gerardo Galang, M.D. 3. TIE: William Barley, M.D. and Mark Holthouse, M.D. Favorite Doctor 1. Kenneth Nelson, M.D. 2. Philip Abela, M.D. 3. Jonathan Lehrman, M.D. Favorite Pediatrician 1. Ulrich Hacker, M.D. 2. Earl Washburn, M.D. 3. Brett Christiansen, M.D. Favorite Dermatologist 1. David No, M.D. 2. Bruce Miller, M.D. 3. Timothy Rosio, M.D. Favorite Eye Doctor 1. Shawn McDonald, M.D. 2. TIE: Leilani Norton, M.D. and Ron Vardanega, O.D. 3. Loren Polte, O.D. Favorite Movie Theater 1. Regal El Dorado Hills Stadium 14 2. Regal Placerville Stadium 8 3. Palladio 16 Cinemas Favorite Playground 1. Lion’s Park 2. Rotary Park 3. Christa McAuliffe Park Favorite Kids Activity 1. Sly Park Lake 2. Cameron Park Lake 3. Folsom Zoo Favorite Park 1. Henningsen Lotus Park 2. Gold Bug Park & Mine 3. Lion’s Park Favorite Museum 1. El Dorado County Historical Museum 2. Gold Bug Park & Mine 3. Marshall Gold Discovery Park Favorite Golf Course 1. Apple Mountain Golf Resort 2. Bass Lake Golf Course 3. Cold Springs Golf & Country Club Favorite Dance Studio 1. Foothill Dance Studio 2. On Stage Productions 3. Gold Step Studio Favorite Dance Teacher 1. Sherri Scher at On Stage Productions 2. Vanessa Lathrop at Foothill Dance Studio 3. Pamela Hayes at Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet Favorite Personal Trainer 1. Jennifer Heape at Snap Fitness 2. Cori Fields at El Dorado Hills Sports Club 3. Kyle Glaab at Snap Fitness Favorite Nutrition Shop 1. Max Muscle 2. Cameron Park Health Foods 3. Noah’s Ark Favorite Gym/Health Club 1. Snap Fitness 2. El Dorado Hills Sports Club 3. TIE: Millennium Sports Club and Powerhouse Gym Favorite Yoga Studio 1. The Smith Flat House 2. Treehouse Wellness 3. Kevala Yoga Favorite Yoga Instructor 1. Jennifer Heape at The Smith Flat House 2. Faye Levine at Noah’s Ark 3. James Kapicka at Kevala Yoga Favorite Kids Birthday Party Spot 1. Monster Mini Golf 2. All Star Gymnastics & Cheer 3. Bouncetown H 108 -October 2011

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