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THIS SECTION SPONSORED BY unsafe for our personnel. So we went with the best shoring system available, which is Efficiency Production’s Slide Rail System.” Efficiency’s Universal Slide Rail is a component shoring system comprised of steel panels (similar to trench shield sidewalls) and vertical steel posts. The highly versatile system can be used in a variety of configurations. In addition to the obstruction-free ClearSpan™ configuration, Efficiency’s Universal Slide Rail can be configured into small four-sided pits; or in a Multi-Bay™ configuration to install large tanks and structures; or lengths of pipe more than 40 feet. WWW.MBCRUSHER.COM maintains a full-time staff of about 15 project managers, project coordinators, engineers, superintendents, and administrative staff; supporting more than 60 union operators, laborers, and carpenters. Projects include publicly-bid site work, underground utilities, heavy and highway construction, and airfield construction. ■ installed even if access is limited to one or two sides of the excavation. “Another reason why Slide Rail was a good fit,” adds Betsko. Incorporated in 1985, McDaniel’s Construction Corp., Inc. (MCCI), is an equipment-intensive heavy and highway union contractor. Currently in its 18th year of operation, MCCI DIG AND PUSH As the name suggests, the panels slide into integrated rails on the posts. Both the panels and posts are pushed incrementally down to grade as the pit is dug; a process commonly referred to as a “dig and push” shoring system. Slide Rail is considered “active shoring,” which means that personnel and equipment can be safely in the hole throughout the entire installation and removal process. The Slide Rail System’s individual component pieces can be handled with a mid-size excavator, which means that excavation contractors can usually install the shoring system themselves. McDaniel’s used a CAT 345 excavator to install the system. “In total, we excavated and shored five bore pits—two doubles and one single,” explains Betsko. “All the (Slide Rail) parts are reusable over and over again, which saves time and money. Plus, the equipment is clean and in good shape when it arrives, and it comes with all the tools in one box ready to use.” McDaniel’s rented direct from Efficiency Production a two-bay, 4-Sided Multi-Bay™ Configuration, which provides a larger unobstructed area for installing tanks, vaults, and other structures; or, in this case, a bore jack rig. McDaniel’s system was 12-feet wide, 41-feet long, and 24-feet deep. “The ground conditions were trash, and we needed to dewater each pit,” says Betsko, but McDaniel’s was able to install the system in just 2 days, and have it out again in only 1 day. Mostly, the jack and bore pits were right up against the buildings and other structures at the medical center. Unlike tight-sheeting, Slide Rail can be january 2012 | 17

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